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...and require no other power than the compressed fluid. Venturi jet types in the GlobalSpec SpecSearch Database include: Venturi Air Jet. Steam Ejector. Liquid Eductor / Ejector. This video provides an animation of the operating principle of a jet ejector...

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Eductors are used in aircraft fuel systems as transfer pumps; fluid flow from an engine-mounted mechanical pump can be delivered to a fuel tank-mounted eductor to transfer fuel from that tank. Aspirators are vacuum pumps based on the same operating principle and are used in laboratories to create a partial vacuum and for medical use in suction ...

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The eductor body and venturi jet are constructed of corrosionresistant brass. The standard water inlet is an (F)NPSH connector and the outlet an (M)NPSH connector. Each eductor includes a 36 in. (0.9 m) clear PVC concentrate pick-up hose.

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The Alfa Laval Vortex PS Radial Eductor is a high-performance tank mixing eductor. It is particularly suited to challenging tank mixing tasks, for example, when you are working with irregular shaped tanks or various fluid shearing requirements, or when the liquids have a high solids content.

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There are three connections common to an eductor (venturi eductors). MOTIVE Connection: This connection is where the power for the eductor is generated, by increasing the velocity of the motive fluid. The eductor nozzle in this section takes advantage of the physical properties of the motive fluid.

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1. Eductor System 2. Supply Tubing 1/4"IDx7ft. per eductor 3. Inlet/Discharge Tubing (1/2" x 100ft.) 4. Injection Checkvalve (1 per eductor) 5. Footvalve & Weight (1 per eductor) 6. 24V AC adapter (1 per eductor) 7. Mounting Hardware THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST IN OUR PRODUCTS Please use this equipment carefully and observe all warnings and ...

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The Ejector sprays high speed steam, gas, or liquid through a nozzle and can produce vacuum stages. Rotary airlocks can be replaced by venturi eductors to serve as conveying system for solids.

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An eductor works on the Venturi principle, whereby the appliance (the eductor) picks up concentrate and adds it directly to the hose stream without water diverting from its intended course.

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Venturi Educators are used to feeding bulk solids such as powders, powdered spices, pellets, flakes, rubber crumb, Styrene Butadiene Rubber and particulates having low bulk density, into Lean phase conveying systems.

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Well, end result is a modification that increases performance by double and would not require but a pin change in the mold (relatively cheap) to accomodate for larger orafices. needless to say, my boss is extremely happy. by the way, I'm still seeking resources on the physics and equations to be used in eductor/venturi design. thank you.

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An eductor apparatus (1) having an air gap (2) and a venturi (3), a bypass channel (8) and a spray protection device (10) in the form of a deformable porous body to prevent splash back produced at the...
Eductors and Venturi. Wilo EMU FA. Submersible Sewage Pumps. Wilo EMU FA series – Submersible sewage pump with and without active cooling system for continuous duty ...
A vacuum ejector, or simply ejector is a type of vacuum pump, which produces vacuum by means of the Venturi effect. In an ejector, a working fluid (liquid or gaseous) flows through a jet nozzle into a tube that first narrows and then expands in cross-sectional area.
The Venturi FX Valve is designed specifically for high accuracy airflow control and measures flow utilizing ports installed non-invasive to the airflow stream. Controlled accuracy within +/-5% of measured airflow Closed loop airflow measurement
"An aspirator, also called an eductor-jet pump or filter pump, is a device that produces vacuum by means of the Venturi effect. In an aspirator, fluid (liquid or gaseous) flows through a tube which then narrows. When the tube narrows, the fluid's speed increases, and because of the Venturi effect [Bernuolli? - bk], its pressure decreases.

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Translations of the word EDUCTOR from english to spanish and examples of the use of "EDUCTOR" in a sentence with their translations: ...constructed of 316 stainless How to say eductor in Spanish.
AZ Mixing Eductor. AZ Mixing Eductor is designed for liquid or slurry applications, The AZ Mixing Eductor hydrates polymers without any moving parts. Bulk Bag Handling System. The Bulk Bag Handling System provides a safe, effective method of mixing mud additives into the active mud system directly from large bulk bags. AZ Tank Eductor